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Most executors of infrastructure development programmers and builders of real estate, i.e. the construction companies in India, are under the umbrella of the over-seven-decades-old Builders' Associa-tion of India (BAI). BAI is the only all India apex representative body of civil engineering construction companies. BAI was founded in 1941 under the guidance and blessings of Brig. C.V.S. Jackson of Military Engineering Services, 'Poona', now known as 'Pune', who suggested that builders working under his command, form a body for finding solutions to various problems. He went further and made available a piece of land inside the premises of Southern Command Headquarters in Pune, on which an office was con¬structed and aptly named 'Jackson Hut', which stands even today as a monument in BAI’s name.

During this journey of over 80 years, BAI's membership has grown from 250 members spread over 3 Centres, to more than 20,000 plus direct members spread over about 200 plus Centres across the length and breadth of the country. Various regional associations affiliated to BAI, add another 1,50,000 indirect members.

Throughout its more than seven decades of existence, BAI has had its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, moments of strengths and weakness, moments of glory and disappointment. But, its umbrella has protected and furthered the cause of the Indian con¬struction industry and its constituents in many ways:

Shri Pradeep Kumar Chowdhury
Vice President
Shri K. John Paul
Vice President
Shri Ravindra Tyagi
Vice President
Shri Sunil Balakrishna Mundada
Vice President
Shri N.S. Muralidhara
Vice President
Shri B. Raghava Rao
Andhra Pradesh
Shri Kanwaljit Singh Oberoi
Shri Sanjeev Bansal
Shri Kalpesh Joshi
Shri Vijay Kumar
Shri Shiv Kumar Burman
Shri Srinivasa Reddy
Shri Jolly Varghese
Shri Ravi Kumar Kheria
Shri Sachin Sharadrao Deshmukh
Shri M. Ayyappan
Tamil Nadu
Shri K. Devender Reddy
Shri Sanjay Tyagi
Uttar Pradesh
Shri Pinak Pani Nath
Shri Bhavesh Kumar
Shri Arun Kumar Jain
Madhya Pradesh
Shri Shalendra Kumar Rawlani
West Bengal
Late Shri M. P. Shah (1941-1942)
Late Shri Motichand G.Shah (1942-1943)
Late Shri E. M. Billmoria (1943-1944)
Late Shri Ranade (1944-1945)
Late Shri P. P. Kapadia (1945-1946)
Late Shri Motichand G.Shah (1947-1950)
Late Shri P. P. Kapadia (1950-1951)
Late Shri G. S. Dugal (1952-1954)
Late Shri P. P. Kapadia (1955-1957)
Late Shri Rao Sahib Bagwandas C.Hemrajani (1957-1958)
Late Shri H. J. Shah (1959-1961)
Late Shri G. R. Jolly (1962-1963)
Late Shri Y. G. Patel (1964-1965)
Late Shri B. V. Apte (1965-1966)
Late Shri J. S. Ajmera (1966-1967)
Late Shri U. S. Patel (1967-1968)
Late Shri R. G. Gandhi (1969-1971)
Late Shri K. L. Sapra (1971-1972)
Late Shri M. Nilakandan (1973-1974)
Shri S. Harcharan Singh Duggal (1974-1978)
Late Shri Harbans Lal Arora (1978-1980)
Late Shri M. N. Rajaraman (1980-1982)
Late Shri Amarjit Singh Choudhary (1982-1984)
Late Dr. T. N. Subba Rao (1984-1986)
Late Shri S. A. N. Ranganatha Achar (1986-1988)
Shri R.Radhakrishan (1988-1989)
Late Shri S. R. Kar Roy (1989-1990)
Shri Ajit Gulalbhand (1990-1991)
Shri Lalit Sangtani (1991-1992)
Shri M. Karthikeyan (1992-1994)
Late Shri Tilak Raj (1994-1995)
Late Shri H. H. Rijhwani (1995-1996)
Shri A. S. Chinaswamy Raju (1996-1997)
Late Shri N. D . Golani (1997-1998)
Late Shri C. L. Verma (1998-1999)
Shri S. A. Vichare (1999-2001)
Shri V. Ramachandran (2001-2003)
Dr. Brahm Datt (2003-2005)
Shri B. N. Dikshit (2005-2006)
Late Shri C. Raghava Reddy (2006-2007)
Shri P. R. Mundle (2007-2008)
Late Shri S. P. Goel (2008-2009)
Shri A. K. Yussouf (2009-2010)
Shri Bhagwan J. Deokar (2010-2011)
Shri Cherian Varkey (2011-2012)
Shri B. Seenaiah (2012-2014)
Shri Sushanta Kumar Basu (2014-2015)
Shri Lal Chand Sharma (2015-2016)
Shri Avinash M. Patil (2016-2017)
Shri H. N. Vijaya Raghava Reddy (2017-2018)
Shri A. Puhazhendi (2018-2019)
Shri Sachin Chandra (2019-2020)
Shri Mu. Moahan (2020-2021)
Shri R. N. Gupta (2021-2022)
Shri Nimesh D. Patel (2022-2023)

Indian Construction

‘INDIAN CONSTRUCTION’ is the monthly bulletin of BUILDERS’ ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (BAI) established in 1941. It is circulated, to apart from all BAI members (comprising of contractors, developers, architects, consultants, etc.), to Institutions, Individuals, Senior officials of the Central and various State Government departments and undertakings; various national associations like BAI in countries all over the world; various International Organisations, like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Research Institutions, etc. The bulletin is also sent to all member organisations of International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Associations (IFAWPCA) and Confederation of International Contractors’ Associations (CICA).

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Security and Fire Expo West India

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Now present in more than 200+ city centers across India.

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KYB - Conmat India

Conmat Systems started in 2002 from a small 200 Sq. ft. rented space to manufacture Material Handling Systems. It diversified into manufacturing of Concrete Equipment in 2009 and formed an equity partnership with Global giant KYB Corporation of Japan in 2013. Conmat Systems started in 2002 from a small 200 Sq. ft. rented space to manufacture Material Handling Systems. It diversified into manufacturing of Concrete Equipment in 2009 and formed an equity partnership with Global giant KYB Corporation of Japan in 2013.